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Open House/Trials

PFC Trials and Open Houses Announced!

September 9, 2021

Under the current Ontario Soccer and Government plans we are pleased to be able to announce Open House Trials for our Competitive teams for players born 2014 to 2003. In a gentlemen’s agreement between all Technical Directors of Durham Region Soccer Clubs, the official Open House Trials will begin October 2 to October 10, 2021.

Each player who wishes to attend open trials must first register in advance in order to ensure all safety measures are in place and communication lines are developed between the coaching staff and you as a parent/player.

All competitive grassroots players attending our OPEN House Trials will be provided the opportunity to register and be placed on a team as long as there is room on each roster. Each team will be competitive based on the players ability, athleticism and commitment to their development. If a player wishes to attend a training session prior to the official open house trials they are to contact the coach of their age group and request the opportunity.

  • The coaching staff may offer a roster position based on what they see immediately following the first training session. Each parent will have 48hrs to make the final decision to accept the offer.
  • Each player will be provided the opportunity to attend 3 training sessions minimum before a decision is finalized based on commitment, coachability, roster availability
  • If any parent has a concern they may contact the Technical Director at
  • Between October 2 and October 10, 2021 players can be invited to the team training sessions already in place outside of the official OPEN HOUSE Trials

BEFORE ATTENDING THE SESSION, you must register using the link above and also complete the appropriate forms provided by team staff.

Club Technical Director - David Benning

Grassroots Director - Hollie Babut

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are a 2021 registered OPDL player with another club, you must complete the OPDL Trial Permission Form (at top of this page).

Page Updated on: November 15, 2021